Multi-country Payroll Software

Enhance your Efficiency with our Caribbean Payroll Solutions

Our powerful, user-friendly global HR/Payroll system gives you unified workflows and full visibility with accurate, efficient payroll processing for all your operations in countries across the Caribbean.

Global Payroll Solution


Easy Global Payroll Solution

All your Business Locations.
One Easy-to-use System.

With WorkLinks, you’ll have a single, innovative and effective payroll processing solution for all your business units, no matter what country they’re in. This centralized system let you house, access and manage payroll data for all your employees in one powerful application.

Cloud-supported and easily integrated with legacy applications, WorkLinks Payroll makes things simple: set up configurable templates to default common data elements for quick on-boarding of new employees;  access an extensive library of in-depth reports for company-wide payroll analytics; boost morale and reduce the burden of your admin staff with employee self-service; and so much more.

Give yourself and your company maximum flexibility with a 100% compliant system designed to help you run your business at top efficiency.

Multi-Country Payroll

In today’s global economy, having multi-country operations is the new normal. If you pay employees located in more than one country, get ready for a paradigm shift.

Imagine a single payroll system enabling standardized payroll processing and reporting for employees in all your business locations with one unified, 24/7-accessible application. With WorkLinks, that dream is now a reality.

If you have employees in more than one country of the Caribbean and/or Canada, contact us to see how easy true multi-country payroll can be.

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