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Get world-class solutions that fit your needs and your budget, with no IT infrastructure or resources required. Our proven implementation processes and skilled resources will ensure a fast, efficient payroll processing producing accurate, worry-free payroll, each and every time.

Online, easy to use, flexible payroll solution for any size business.

With WorkLinks, you will have an innovative and effective payroll processing solution for all your business units across all the provinces and territories in Canada, no matter where they are located. This centralized system lets you house, access and manage payroll data for all your employees in one application, with the added level of comfort and security knowing that you data is housed in Canada and stays in Canada!

Cloud-supported and easily integrated with legacy applications, WorkLinks Payroll makes things simple: use configurable templates to default common data elements for quick on-boarding of new employees; access an extensive library of in-depth reports for payroll analytics; boost morale and reduce the burden on your Admin staff with employee self-service – and so much more.

Give yourself and your company maximum flexibility with a 100% compliant system designed to help you run your business at top efficiency.

Enjoy virtually real-time payroll with a system that processes hundreds of thousands of transactions in mere minutes, leaving you time to focus on your core business. Our global payroll processing engine supports unlimited organization levels and earnings/deductions/pay codes, letting you configure it to fit your unique needs. The system’s easy integration with other back-office third-party systems protects your investment in legacy technology and allows your WorkLinks solution to be up and running quickly.

Make paying your staff a breeze with direct deposits straight to employee bank accounts, and automatically and accurately calculate all source deductions and tax fillings owed to government agencies. And when the new year rolls round, let the payroll engine generate your Year-End forms for eco-friendly, electronic distribution to employees and tax authorities in minutes.

If you’re still tracking employee details on paper or spreadsheets but don’t have an HRIS solution, WorkLinks has you covered. Our fully integrated HR module can do the job, allowing you to track and manage important employee information including personal details, employment information, documentation, and other critical HR data electronically. User-definable fields give you full control over the data that matters most to your business, and all HR and Payroll module data is stored in one consolidated database for easy accessibility – and no duplicate data entry!

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Canadian Payroll

Our powerful, user-friendly payroll system gives you centralized control and visibility of your workforce with accurate, efficient payroll processing for all your operations.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposits & Payments

With WorkLinks, you can deposit pay straight into your employees’ accounts, remit funds to government agencies via Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s) or cheques, and facilitate non-statutory payments to 3rd Parties (e.g. benefits premiums, union dues, pension contributions, and more).

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Payroll Tax Filing & Remittances

Let WorkLinks automatically and accurately calculate your payroll taxes owing, file them on your behalf, and remit any funds owed.

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