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With WorkLinks Cloud Payroll, you’ll get world-class solutions that fit your needs and your budget, with no IT infrastructure or resources required. Our proven implementation processes and skilled resources will ensure a smooth transition to WorkLinks to enable fast, efficient payroll processing producing accurate, worry-free payroll, each and every time.

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Canadian Payroll

Our powerful, user-friendly payroll system gives you centralized control and visibility of your workforce with accurate, efficient payroll processing for all your operations.

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ICP Partner for Canadian Payroll

If you have multi-national clients who need to pay employees in Canada, you’ve come to the right place! WorkLinks specializes in partnering with global service providers.

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EFT & Direct Deposit

With WorkLinks, you can deposit pay straight into your employees’ accounts or remit funds to government agencies via Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s)

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Payroll Tax Filing & Remittances

Let WorkLinks automatically and accurately calculate your payroll taxes owing, file them on your behalf, and remit any funds owed.

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Payroll Tax Filing Services
Global Payroll Solution

Caribbean Payroll

Our powerful, user-friendly global HR/Payroll system gives you unified workflows and full visibility with accurate, efficient payroll processing for all your operations in countries across the Caribbean

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