HR Module

WorkLinks payroll has listened to our customers requests and we have built a base HR module which is fully connected to the payroll module. Base HR can help your business remove the filing cabinets (no longer needed in todays world) and excel spreadsheets which have been tracking your employees certificates/training details, employee agreements, policy and procedure sign off’s. Tracking Hr related tasks and duties with alert/notifications has never been easier in our all in one solution.

Feature-Rich Payroll Services

WorkLinks’ Managed Payroll Services include:

  • HR/Payroll Data Management: Onboarding, Updating, Importing, Exporting etc.
  • Benefits Administration, Premiums and Contributions

  • Payroll Processing per Schedule (with pre- and post-validation by Client)

  • Tax Filing, Garnishments, EFT’s/Direct Deposits
  • Production, submission and adjustment of ROE’s and Year End forms (T4’s, RL’s, NR4’s etc.)

  • Support for Employees

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Canadian Payroll

Our powerful, user-friendly payroll system gives you centralized control and visibility of your workforce with accurate, efficient payroll processing for all your operations.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposits & Payments

With WorkLinks, you can deposit pay straight into your employees’ accounts, remit funds to government agencies via Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s) or cheques, and facilitate non-statutory payments to 3rd Parties (e.g. benefits premiums, union dues, pension contributions, and more).

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Payroll Tax Filing & Remittances

Let WorkLinks automatically and accurately calculate your payroll taxes owing, file them on your behalf, and remit any funds owed.

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