Managed Payroll

Free your staff to focus on business-critical objectives and strategic goals while WorkLinks takes care of your Payroll. Whatever tasks are holding you back, hand them over with confidence, to WorkLinks.

Feature-Rich Payroll Services

WorkLinks’ Managed Payroll Services include:

  • HR/Payroll Data Management: Onboarding, Updating, Importing, Exporting etc.
  • Benefits Administration, Premiums and Contributions

  • Payroll Processing per Schedule (with pre- and post-validation by Client)

  • Tax Filing, Garnishments, EFT’s/Direct Deposits
  • Production, submission and adjustment of ROE’s and Year End forms (T4’s, RL’s, NR4’s etc.)

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Canadian Payroll

Our powerful, user-friendly payroll system gives you centralized control and visibility of your workforce with accurate, efficient payroll processing for all your operations.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposits & Payments

With WorkLinks, you can deposit pay straight into your employees’ accounts, remit funds to government agencies via Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s) or cheques, and facilitate non-statutory payments to 3rd Parties (e.g. benefits premiums, union dues, pension contributions, and more).

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Payroll Tax Filing & Remittances

Let WorkLinks automatically and accurately calculate your payroll taxes owing, file them on your behalf, and remit any funds owed.

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